Chimney Relining

What a Chimney Liner Is and Does

Since 1940, every new chimney that is built must have a liner, that’s code and standard practice. These liners protect the vital structure of your chimney from the heat and corrosive effects of fire itself. Without a liner, the life of your chimney structure is drastically reduced.

When you burn a fire in your fireplace, gases are produced. It is your chimney’s job to make sure these gases end up outside of your home. Without a liner, these gases may end up corroding the masonry- specifically your mortar joints.

If allowed to damage your chimney enough, these harmful gases may even end up inside your home.

Liners also help insulate the rest of your home, especially anu part near the chimney, from the heat of the flames. This keeps flammable parts of the home from accidentally catching fire.

These are just a few of the reasons that chimney liners have become such a popular safety standard. If you don’t have a liner, or if you need to replace one that has worn out it’s usefulness, we’d be happy to help. You can ask us about your options or set up an appointment at (228) 205-4543.

Your Relining Options

You have three main options when it comes to relining your chimney:

Metal Liners – These come already put together, from a factory. They’ve been tested to hold up to some very hot temperatures. Made of stainless steel and built to last a lifetime, this is what we recommend in almost every case. Each one is guaranteed for life, just as long as you remember to get it swept every year to remove harmful buildup.

Clay Tiles – If you already have an older liner, you may have Clay Tiles. Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to replace a clay tile liner with more of the same. These do not work very well with modern appliances and tend to break more easily than any of your other options.

Cast Masonry – This is best for the older, more historic homes. Not only does this liner protect your chimney very well, but it’s seamless. As it is bound to the inside of your chimney, it seals all kinds of cracks and little gaps. Your chimney will be stronger and more efficient than it has in a long time with this option.

So if your home was built prior to 1940 and you suspect that you may not have a liner, or if your home needs a new liner, we offer both services. Call us now to inquire about this wonderful option to improve your safety. (228) 205-4543