Animals Found in Chimneys

What animal might move in?

Raccoons and Opossums are the most likely mammals to enter in order to build nests for their young. This means that you might end up with a whole family in your chimney. Not only that, but mother’s tend to get aggressive if they feel their young are endangered.

Choosing to let a trained professional retrieve the animal in a safe and humane manner is the best option for everyone.

In addition to raccoons and opossums, you may encounter the Chimney Swift or another bird. It is very important that you let a professional help you if you suspect that you are, in fact, dealing with a Chimney Swift. These birds are protected throughout the US. A permit is required for the removal of a bird or it’s nest.

Snakes may enter chimneys, too. They usually find themselves trapped after trying to go after a nest of eggs or baby animals.

Squirrels are another common animal to find in a chimney. In some regions the squirrels are so persistent that homeowners install chimney caps to prevent them from getting in. Chimney caps have a host of other benefits, too.

Once they are inside, few animals are able to climb out of a chimney on their own. If a damper is left open or is in disrepair, the animal may be able to escape further down and out into your home. This is not an ideal situation for the animal or the homeowner.

It is best to contact us as soon as you suspect that an animal may be trapped. Whether it’s the sound or the smell that has you worried, it’s better to get your problem handled sooner than later. Removing a live animal is always preferable to finding one that has passed on. The smell of a dead animal is hard to get rid of, and letting it die intentionally is inhumane.

If you suspect that wildlife has been trapped inside your chimney, or started to make a nest, call us now at (228) 205-4543 and get your problem dealt with asap.