Chimney Cap Solutions

How many problems can a chimney cap solve?

Chimney caps come in all sorts. You can always get one that matches your functional and aesthetic needs, with the right budget and guidance.

Whether you need help keeping animals and water outside of your chimney and home, or you want to make a solid investment in your chimney’s integrity- this is the right decision for you.

How does a chimney cap protect me?

Each time you burn a fire, a certain amount of creosote accumulates. “Creosote” is the buildup that sticks to your chimney walls and needs to be removed each year. This buildup is mainly composed of gases that had not burned in the fire.

If this creosote mixes with water it can start to eat at parts of your chimney due to an increase in it’s base acidity.

This general deterioration can, over time, lead to dysfunction in your chimney. If your chimney isn’t working properly, gases that should have been expelled from your home may build up and endanger you and your family. These harmful gases may include nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

A cap is a good investment as it will help prevent these and other problems, depending on your specific situation. Our technicians are capable of putting a cap on any type or size of chimney. The purchase of any chimney cap comes with a free inspection.

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